How should I respond when I am unjustly treated or wronged? When I know I am right or I see the situation as unfair, I plead my case for justice. But what Jesus would do? For instance, should I argue with a car dealer about repairs or accept whatever is given to me? Is being patient (2 Tim 2:24) equal to being silent (Mark 14:61)? I know my response should be patient, gentle, and loving, but I am thinking I should accept initially without pleading a case. If I am wronged, God will justify -- or does this not apply to business?

Good question. I think sometimes turning the other cheek applies to everyday life, esp. in cases where we should probably “cut our losses.” One passage I often think of is Luke 4. If Jesus had submitted to the violent crowd, he would have been dashed to pieces. He did not. At times Paul, too, stood on his rights -- and at other times did not. This means we need to interpret the command with caution -- and pray for wisdom.