Hello. I just read your pdf file on hell and its terminal punishment. I've really enjoyed reading the profound insights that really help motivate me to study the Bible further.

The question I have, however, is concerning the eternal hell. If the punishment is terminal, where the souls in hell will eventually no longer exist, then what will be the purpose of hell then? And if hell no longer has a purpose, then why would the Bible say that it is eternal? Doesn't hell being eternal and its purpose being to punish the sinners contradict with the sinners' souls being non-eternal? Thank you.

You said the Bible says hell is eternal. I do not know of any such verse. I've read of everlasting punishment, of course, but that is not the same thing. According to second Thessalonians chapter 1, hell has three purposes: punishment, deprivation of the presence of God, and destruction.

I am glad you read the little paper. Next I would invite you to listen to the podcasts on the subject. And if it really seems important – very interesting to you – please read my book on heaven and hell, published 2013. It goes deeper still. Sadly, most churches teach so little about interpretation, and not all Christians have sufficient Bible knowledge to understand some of my chapters :-(.

Hope this helps!