What is your take on the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriages? And advice?

Following the 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize "gay marriages," here are a few bullet points that may prove helpful in guiding our thoughts.

  • On this topic, God's word isn't difficult to understand, and can be ascertained quickly using any Bible concordance. Both testaments teach the same, and studies may be found elsewhere at this website. Taking our stand on the Word is not always fashionable. And yet modern liberal interpreters would have us believe that the unanimous understanding of the church has been flawed for 2000 years -- as was that of Judaism before (from the 13th century onwards). This means one of two things: that the apostles seriously misunderstood sexual ethics, or else that God intended his revelation to apply only to earlier centuries, and to be updated as society became more sophisticated. Neither one of these possibilities seems convincing. Note: modern Judaism no longer holds to a biblical view of heterosexuality.
  • God will judge those outside the church, as Paul reminds us in 1 Cor 5. This is not our task. Moreover, we can still accept the person even if we don't accept the teaching. This is the meaning of tolerance. (Please refer to the two newsletter articles on tolerance: part 1, part 2.)
  • This is nothing new! Building on the foundation of the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, the Gay Rights Movement, well organized and widely supported in the courts, media, the arts, and higher educational institutions, has been advancing powerfully. I am amazed that anyone would be taken off guard. 40-50 years of rhetoric, judicial verdicts, and the idolization among the youth of film stars, sports stars, and others who approve of nearly every sexual behavior -- so many years of the liberal agenda add up. Legalization and even promotion of homosexual lifestyles has been the reality in many western nations for many years.
  • It's unrealistic to expect government to adopt biblical morals.  In our world -- as in the world of the Bible -- the government does not normally side with the church on moral issues.
  • Jesus said, "Render to Caesar..." (Matt 22:21). Jesus rejected the ethics of Caesar, yet he respected Caesar’s right to govern as he saw fit. It is not the place of Christians to fight with the weapons of the world (2 Cor 10:4), nor do we put our hope in the arm of flesh (Eph 6:10-18).
  • Not all homosexuals reject the Bible outright, and some re-interpret the principal passages on homosexuality as supporting gay lifestyle choices. Please watch gay apologist Vines, and read my response to the significant points raised by this young man.
  • A civil union is not a biblical marriage. From Genesis to Revelation, biblical marriage is always between one man and one woman. Rather than use unbiblical terminology ("gay marriage"), let us refer to this relationship in a more neutral manner. I would suggest using "same-sex union" or "gay union" or "civil union" in place of "gay marriage."
  • Serious Christians ought to be informed on the issues. Guy Hammond of Strength in Weakness ministries (SIW) has published a thoughtful assessment of the current situation. There is also a permanent link to SIW at the bottom of my homepage. You might also take a look at one of the studies in Christianity Today.
  • Let's shatter the stereotype of the bigoted Christian. Reach out to men and women who self-identify as LGBT. Have them over to dinner (the way of Jesus). Defend their rights -- don't oppress them. Strive for empathy. Avoid caricatures. Don't talk about them; talk to them. Act in love.