Is writing term papers and doing assignments for students in overseas universities for pay a sin for the writer? I know disciples who have opened companies and receive term papers from overseas university students and write answers for them -- and the students submit the term papers as their own original work. -- J.K.

Yes, I think this is a clear example of sin. It’s dishonest. It promotes a culture of cheating. If the students are indeed claiming it as their own work, this is lying at the very least. In addition, I suspect we would have a hard time finding a teacher or professor who wouldn't construe this as cheating.

Does a bartender sin by virtue of his job? Are there difficult professions to line up with the message of the gospel? You might argue the bartender thing either way. It is conceivable that the bartender would refuse to serve anyone over-drinking. Or that it might be a non-alcoholic bar. But this profession -- like hit man, stripper, or pimp -- is a slam-dunk!

I actually hope this company has shut down! (Has it?) It would be one thing to create sample term papers, or offer online tutoring. But if the intent is to assist students in deceiving their teachers, it's hard to imagine any possible justification.