Matthew 6:25-34 seems to suggest that it would be impossible for a Christian to starve to death, yet church history seems to teach otherwise. How does one harmonize what appears to be a contradiction? The promise in Matthew 6:25-34 seems to be an absolute for all Christians regarding God's provision of food and clothing, according to the context.


Well observed.

As elsewhere, Jesus is speaking generally. Earlier in the chapter he says we are to pray in our closet, just as in the previous chapter he tells us to amputate if necessary.

His point, of course, is not that we will always be well provided for, or even that we will be provided for at a level of minimum subsistence. It is this: Don’t worry. Seek first the rule of God in our lives. He knows what we need and if we focus on earthly needs and wants, we will miss the boat...or path.