Dr. Jacoby, my question is simple. Based on scripture: is technology beneficial or detrimental to mankind? A loyal fan- Miguel Gutierrez Brownsville Texas.

Technology is bad in Gen 11 -- the Tower of Babel monument to human ego. There are also negative overtones in Gen 4; the metalworkers are not part of the godly lineage of Abel or Seth (ch.5), but of Cain. This might lead some to feel justified in rejecting technology.

Yet building a house can be good, as in Ps 127. Paul took advantage of ships to spread the gospel. Some of the clothing Jesus wore was probably spun from wool or other material. Spinning, sailing, building -- these are examples of technology in action.

Technology itself should not be considered inherently good or evil (beneficial or detrimental); it is how we use it and what we do with it that matters.

One person can post a sinful "personal" ad on craigslist, while another can post a "who wants to study the Bible" ad on the same site...and even baptize someone as a result! (I know of at least one instance of this happening.)

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