I worked as a graphic editor for a newspaper. But in this paper, there are topics like horoscope, new age, the meaning of names...to the point where I feel like my hands are used as a tool to lose those who read the newspaper. How should one work in such an environment as a Christian?

Ultimately, this is a matter of conscience and conviction.

I know of a brother who worked for an herbal tea company well known for "cleansing" the body. He felt like he was doing a good thing by working at a company that helped people be healthier. The longer he worked there, however, he began to realize that most of the people who drank the tea used it to pass drug tests. This began to weigh on his conscience, and he ultimately decided to quit his job.

Are you being asked to create images that glorify these things (horoscope, new age, etc.)? If so, I can understand why that might begin to weigh on your conscience. I think you could be both godly and responsible by starting to look for a different job and asking for God's help/guidance, while not immediately quitting your current job (and therefore leaving yourself without any means to support yourself).

I hope this helps.