When I study church with people during Bible study it's a bit daunting to them. My question is, is the church study a salvation issue? Do people have to attend church to be Christian?s

The simple answer to your question is No, people do not go to hell simply because they do not attend church. Missing church is not something that, in and of itself, will cost anyone his or her salvation. After all, are there not those who attend church regularly but whose "worship" is in vain (Matthew 15:1-9)?

I am not saying, however, that church is unimportant or optional. As a matter of fact, unless I'm ill, I am at church every week -- two or three times, in fact.

But why do I go? It's simple: I need it. I benefit from the focused reminders of what is real, true, and good. I need the fellowship. It is not because the Bible teaches that missing church inevitably means going to hell; it doesn't. Church is kind of like eating right and exercising: the outcomes (of attending vs. not attending) are not guaranteed, but surely the likelihood of certain outcomes is greatly influenced.

Church is God's family; and, quite simply, the more we are with God's family, the healthier we will be spiritually. The less we are with God's family, the less healthy we will be; and, this may very well have a negative impact eternally.