My heart's desire is to be led by the Holy Spirt and continue to grow daily in my prayer life and Bible study. I do realize that I have my own self-inflicted (self doubt) issues from childhood which I have a strong desire to change, but I want to continue to change God's way. So if you don't mind, please explain if there is anything wrong with meditation, visualization, dream boards and affirmations, particularly when you are striving to grow, especially as a disciple of Christ.

Biblical meditation is part of God's will, as in Psalm 1:2 and Joshua 1:8. We must be wary of New Age mysticism -- please see my Q&A on THE SECRET. We also need to be careful not to get wrapped up in ourselves (i.e., American "individualism"). The word "vision" in the Bible never ever applies to self-confidence, but to prophetic revelation, which was the exclusive gift of the prophets (Numbers 12:6; Jeremiah 23:16; Micah 3:6; Acts 2:17). At the same time, though, we should have vision for, and meditate on, what God can do through us (Philippians 4:8-9).

I hope this helps!