I hope all's well and that the year is fantastic for you! If it's all right, I was hoping to pose a couple of questions:

  1. Do you have any advice or sources to consult regarding how to read the Psalms properly? Whenever I read the Psalms, I tend to read them in relation to me and God in an attempt to personalize it, but then I read something like Hebrews 1:8-9 and 13 where the writer says the passage is about the Son (capital "S"), not about us. Is it wrong then to read the Psalms in relation to me and God? How do I know how each psalm should be read? Was Moses receiving the Law from an angel while on Sinai/Horeb (Acts 7:37-38) or directly from God (Exodus 33:11)? Even the author of Hebrews seems to suggest the Law came from an angel (2:2).

Thanks for your help and all you do! -- Ryan

1. For advice on reading Psalms, please check out this link.
2. The two are not mutually exclusive. If you sent me a package, I may have received it through UPS. Yet it would also be true to say that you sent it to me directly. Hope this helps!