If two brothers in the same church like the same sister, what's the wiset thing to do? Is it okay to let the sister know how you feel so you can move on? I need your advice. - M.R.

1. They could duel to the death.
2. They could flip a coin (or perhaps consult the horoscope for the day).
3. One could move to another city until he falls in love with another sister.

Better, they could:

1. Respect the principles of 1 Thessalonians 4:3ff -- not to wrong a brother where romance is concerned.
2. If you know you aren’t going to get the girl, I would probably not tell her all your feelings just to ease your own mind, since that is likely to make her feel bad (even if it is somewhat cathartic for you). Note: I said "probably."
3. Be patient. A good principle where romantic relations are in play.
4. I myself have been in this situation before! I did not get any hard feelings towards the other brother, even though he "cut in front of me." (End of story: I am happily married.)