Do you acknowledge the flaws of your Bible? For example, contrast "If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true" (John 5:31) to "I am one that bears witness of myself..." (John 8:18). According to these scriptures, was Jesus a false witness? If you would like to see the numerous flaws of Christianity that maybe you have not encountered, I would encourage you to visit I am having more trouble believing that Christianity is the right religion due to the facts that this website provides.

Most of these “flaws” are flaws on the part of the reader, who is not approaching the text from the right angle. About John 5 and 8, Jesus is saying that if he is alone in bearing witness, it is invalid. Jewish law required two witnesses. The very next verse (5:32) makes this very point. Again, 8:18 mentions two witnesses. So the “error” has been created by reading two passages out of context and only partly. This is not the way to approach any literature. Certainly the early Christians, many of whom were very smart, did not see a problem here.