As an atheist, I bring you no "hate mail" of any kind. I would rather you talk to me through email if at all possible (as busy as you are). Straight to the point. How can people say they have whole belief in the Bible, when the Bible has so many inaccurate teachings? For example, the earth being flat and the planetary system being geocentric. Sounds like the silly churches and kings of old if you ask me. Maybe "God" did make the world geocentric. I apologize for the sarcasm, but you do see how silly God's actions have been recorded. Please email back; I would love nothing more then a debate in your free time.

Hello!  Your email is welcome. In no way would I consider queries from atheists as hate mail. I'm usually more than willing to engage – time being the limiting factor. Still, I manage to reply to about 4000 every year.

To speak to the matter you raise, many parts of scripture use anthropomorphism (God “has eyes,” “remembers,” “walks in the garden,” etc). This is accommodative language.

Other parts, like passages speaking of sunrise and sunset, are phenomenological. Like you and me (and the weatherman), Scripture describes things the way the phenomena appear. Yet other passages adopt the cosmology of the day (generally speaking, a flat disk covered by a hard dome, or firmament), in order to communicate various spiritual truths to people. Critiquing the cosmology of the day would have been (1) ineffective and (2) irrelevant. As for the earth being flat, even today we speak of "the four corners of the earth," the same figure we find in Revelation 7:1, 20:8.  

After all, as Galileo put it, “The scriptures are written to tell us not how the heavens go, but how to go to heaven.”