I recently came out of a seven-year relationship (off and on). I'm only 26 years old and it really became a hindrance to my walk with God. That person has now made a decision to not follow God, which hurts me because this was my biggest concern. At this point, I know that I can't get involved because it will not be to her benefit to rely on me. (I've done this many times in the past). Do you have any suggestions on any materials or scriptures that I may be able to read to help me to step aside and let God work? I've really been trying to get open with brothers in my church because I don't want Satan to get a foothold in my relationship with God.

It sounds like you need to step aside, as you say, and let God work. There are many potential life partners out there, and there's no rush. The most important thing is that you are growing spiritually. Don’t be yoked with anyone who slows that down!

Suggested: The Calvary Road (Hession), to help you be submitted to God in heart and will; my article Perspectives on DatingSet Apart, by R. Kent Hughes; The Disciplined Life, by Richard Taylor; and other titles you will find at the Recommended Books section of the website, especially in the section on Spiritual Life.