You are to forgive those who have done wrong to you. Must you also forgive Satan?  There is nothing I have read in the Bible that answers this question. Can you help us out with the answer? -- Christie Tattersall (Gainesville, Florida)

I would say yes. To illustrate, how did the archangel Michael approach Satan? With obvious animus? Not at all. (Jude 9; see 2 Peter 2:11.) It stands to reason that if we are not allowed to hate our enemies (Matthew 5:44), neither should we hate Satan.

Human forgiveness is only the offer of relational reconciliation towards those who are willing to engage.  Divine forgiveness is another thing entirely: one's sins are removed. We have no ability to remove Satan's sins, or offer divine forgiveness.

He is our enemy -- make no mistake about it! -- yet we would wish, were it possible, for his repentance and ultimate reconciliation to God. (This, the scriptures show us, will never happen.)

But you are right: the Bible does not give an answer. Maybe that's because it isn't too important. Or impossible to answer.