The Bible says not to use your freedom as a Christian to indulge the sinful nature... What if I know that something I am involved with is sinful, but I refuse to fight it and I consistently give in to it? Where does that put me in my relationship with God? and with his church? My guess is that He can't help me as long as I insist on doing things my own way... but He will be patient until I come to my senses, kind of like the prodigal son... I remember at baptism what I proclaimed and what God did for me... If I am involved with sin, then I need to repent, but I refuse to repent as a Christian. What does this mean from a biblical perspective?

If you refuse to change, it just means you are eroding your faith. "Those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom…" (Galatians 5). It's not the single act that kills you, but the cumulative effect of a series of faith-destroying actions. Hope this helps.