I have a question about divorce and remarriage. I know that you have studied it out and I do have a copy of the paper at the website and it is awesome. However, the issue I have is that I want to date a divorced brother in my church. Does it matter if he filed on the ground of suspicion of adultery, because when he confronted his ex-wife about this she never answered his question. What do you think?

Good question! In our churches we need to ask the question: Was the divorce a true divorce? (We ask "Was the marriage a true marriage" -- as opposed to being "common law wives: etc -- so we should be as thorough in examining the divorce). Otherwise you would technically be dating a married man!

I was in a Catholic country last week and a similar question came up: Can you go out with someone whose marriage was "annulled"? (This is what the RC church does to get around the prohibition on divorce). My reply was (as it so often is) "It depends." If the annulment itself is "null" (not based on scriptural grounds -- desertion or infidelity), then no, one must not build a relationship with this brother/sister. Hope this helps!