I just wanted to suggest a book for you to read, one I've probably read several times. I think that because of a lack of open-mindedness, a lot of true disciples would refuse to read it. But I hope that you will consider it. I read an email interaction on your website that talks about you being able to read about other people's religions and so forth and so on, so I don't think this book will be a challenge for you, and it is Christian-oriented... It's called A Course in Miracles, by the Foundation of Inner Peace. I would like you to read it, because I find the principles in the book exciting, and I would like a fellow Christian to talk about the book with. -- N.R.

Yes, I have read a number of books in this genre. They all have many things in common, from the rejection of orthodox Christianity and sin to the humanistic emphasis on self-discovery and fulfillment. In fact, A Course in Miracles has been out a long time, ever since I was a little boy. Frankly speaking, I do not at all consider it to be Christian or to be compatible with Christianity. 

If you are unaware of how this course came to be, please click on:  http://www.inplainsite.org/html/a_course_in_miracles.html.

Now if you have a specific question about one of the teachings of the Course, by all means feel free to send it. I will happily reply. But sorry, I will not be able to comment on the entire course, and since I'm already acquainted with New Age teaching, I don't think it profitable to study the Course at this time. However, if you would like a broader, biblical take on the New Age Movement, it's all at this website.

As for the "miraculous" side, please refer to my book The Spirit. If I were you, I would not get involved in this. That is my advice.