Thanks for recommending some reading (in the past) so that our family will be able to make an informed decision regarding what we believe about creation. We are a home-schooling family and have made several trips to the Creation Museum, St. Petersburg, KY. Because the museum is very child-friendly, has park-like outdoor landscaping, even has a small scale model Ark, very friendly environment -- the whole nine yards of family fun opportunity -- we're considering a lifetime membership. But I don't want to make a decision based on ignorance of what the Young Earth Creationists believe. Do they persecute those who disagree with them? Just curious, do you think we would be getting our kids into something questionable by spending more time there? -- Maria

The Museum is based on poorly researched science. I am sure the displays are impressive, but I can guarantee you that the science and the theology are both in error.  I know because I spent three years as a Young Earth Creationist myself. Their view of the Flood is not accurate. Their interpretation of the geological data worldwide is deeply flawed. 

Ken Ham (driving force) considers those who believe in an old earth or evolution to have succumbed to "Satan's lies."  Some YECs make their views a matter of salvation! I used to, and many of them consider you lost if you do not agree with them. In fact, some of the greatest disrespect and opposition I have ever experienced as a Christian has come from this movement.

Years ago, when I became suspicious of this movement, I wrote to one of their "major prophets," Henry Morris. He was not able to answer my arguments. I think you will find that Genesis, Science & History delivers a more sober interpretation of Genesis and creation. Please do not get your kids involved with this. Sooner or later they will find out that the science is all wrong, and this could precipitate a crisis of faith. ("Mommy and Daddy were wrong about this... I wonder what else isn't true?")

It should be noted that the dispute vis-à-vis the age of the earth does not concern the inspiration of the Bible, but only its interpretation. Believers on both sides are committed to the truth of the scriptures. Still, this does not excuse any of us from being careless in our interpretation.

I can also recommend many other books which are based on solid science.  So I urge you not to spend your money on this venture. Yes, the kids' faith may be strengthened in the short term, but we should not judge this by its short-term effects. The claims must be assessed. Maybe this is not the answer your expected, but I feel the need to state the truth baldly on this matter. God bless.

And their response to my reply:

I appreciate a brother who does not mince words! In love and concern! After reading your email... we will not become lifetime members in the Creation Museum. It just kills me that something so seemingly powerful in advancing the gospel, a Creation Museum, is not what it seemed to be... Frankly, I sensed something was deeply wrong when the museum promoters seemed so very narrow in their view of Genesis 1, but when considering the NT, seem ambiguous on a major topic like baptism, for instance... Anyway, thanks for saving us $1000. -- Maria