I have been scanning your website and was confused on the subject of baptism. I was baptized not by immersion but rather by water being cupped and poured on my head. Some of your articles imply that this is not correct, and some even seem to imply that if I were to die tomorrow I would go to hell because I was not immersed. Am I reading these articles correctly? Does my salvation depend on my immersion? -- Alex Woods

I am glad you have been visiting the website. You have read the article Immersion for Salvation and many others. There is no other way around it. If we are allowed to change the meanings of words in the Bible to protect our traditions (or feelings), then, as Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" Everything is up for grabs.

Although of course God may make an exception, since you yourself know what the Bible says, it is unlikely, in my understanding, that you would be one of them. In Luke 12:47-48 Jesus connects knowledge with responsiblity.  

This may sound harsh, but is it biblical? That is the question. We must leave the judging to God. Our job is to obey. The real key is not baptism, but repentance. In other words, after coming to a knowledge of God's commands, do we still resist, or do we submit to his sovereign will? I have no doubt that if you have a heart of submission you will in the end be saved.

As for the other subject, as you peruse my website you will know that I do not believe anyone goes to heaven or hell before the judgment day. That is another Catholic/Protestant tradition. (See my audio series What Happens After We Die? Though this is somewhat controversial, no one, to my knowledge, who has listened to this series has ended up disagreeing.)