I have spent hours on your website perusing and searching but can find no reference to a book specifically about 1st century Roman/Jewish culture or Old Testament Jewish culture. I know many exist, I have inherited a couple, but I am reluctant to pick one up and read without a recommendation. What do you think are the best picks for books on biblical culture? -- Jason Goble

Joseph Harris responds:

For the NT and patristic background, I like The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era: Exploring the Background of Early Christianity, by James S. Jeffers. I also have fruitfully used The IVP Bible Background Commentary. It comes in two volumes, one for the OT and one for the NT. Zondervan has a similar, illustrated, four-volume Bible background commentary. Both are also available in electronic form for Bible software.

Douglas adds:

The IVP Bible Background Commentaries are very easy to use. Victor Mathews also wrote a useful volume, Manners and Customs in the Bible.

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