I am curious if you have studied or know anything about the links below. The first link is one to "A Home Fellowship Community of Jesus' Disciples." It is very intense and I would love to know what you think about it. The link is http://www.deerparkwashingtondisciples.net/believers/main.php. The second is an incredibly thorough article by Bruce Terry on the subject of women covering their heads in church. He seems to have some great points, and now I am questioning whether women should have their heads covered in church. Can you please tell me what you think? This link is http://web.ovc.edu/terry/articles/headcovr.htm. --Ashley Meyer

These are two interesting web links! The first, the community, looks pretty good. The second, about hair covering, I will study more carefully at a later time. As I skimmed it, I saw a carefully written article, and one that seemed balanced... but I suspend judgment for now! I will maintain my view that head coverings were culturally mandated, and in parts of the world where this is no longer an issue it should not be an issue with us, either.

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