What about Andrew’s execution? Where’s a good place to study the lives (and deaths) of the early disciples? —Nikki Pierce

For extrabiblical information about the apostles, try The Search for the Twelve Aposles. This is, I believe, the book you are seeking. For an ancient account, the following may be helpful:

“Aigeatis, who was the governor of Patros, became enraged at Andrew for his preaching and ordered him to stand before the tribunal in his attempt to do away with the Christian Faith. When Andrew resisted the tribunal the governor ordered him crucified. Andrew remained tied to the cross with thick tight ropes for three days and his last words were: 'Accept me, O Christ Jesus, whom I saw, whom I love, and in whom I am; accept my spirit in peace in your eternal realm.' "

Also, “Andrew hung upon the cross three whole days, suffering dreadful pain but continuing constantly to tell the people around him of the love of Jesus Christ. The people as they listened to him began to believe his words and asked the governor to let him be taken down from the cross. Not liking to refuse them, he at last ordered the ropes to be cut but when the last rope was severed, the body of the apostle fell to the ground quite dead.”

It is believed that Andrew died on the last day of November, 69 AD. 

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