My dad is a history PhD and teaches at a small private college. We had a small discussion the other day that skimmed the surface of the dinosaur debate. He said something I thought you might appreciate, as a Christian was grilling him for an answer. Dad said, "Maybe in his flawless sense of humor, God simply created the bones and other such evidence so we'd think they existed!" Ultimately there's no way we can know. — Peter

Interesting thought, though extremely unlikely, in my opinion. If this is true, it would make God a deceiver. Yet the natural creation is one way in which God reveals himself to us (Romans 1:20)— what theologians call "general revelation."

In my view, the world is very, very ancient. For more on this, please see my Genesis, Science & History (DPI, 2004), or Compelling Evidence (Harvest House, 2010). Your dad might appreciate these books.

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