What is your opinion of the NET Bible, both the translation itself and the extensive footnotes? Also, are you familiar with their Theology Program courses, and would it be worth it for me to take them? -- B. Pearson

I am not familiar with the theology program, but I have read the entire NET Bible.

* In my view, the translation notes, which outnumber the verses two to one (!), are very helpful. These notes explain all the major translation decisions, and many of the minor ones as well.
* The maps are literally out of this world, being taken from space and providing rich color and cartographic detail.
* One negative: the print size is a bit too small for most people.
* As for translation quality: it is generally high, yet uneven in style and degree of literalness. Some parts are quite literal, other parts rather paraphrastic. Both approaches can be justified, but it seems the translators either wavered or did not fully coordinate with one another to ensure a smooth final version.
* Overall I would say that the NET is solid resource, and is a great tool for someone studying the text in multiple versions, or reading or checking the original. If you have not read the NET, I would encourage you to get a copy and dive in! For more, click here.

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