Are there digs in Ethiopia for manuscripts? That seems like a place replete with biblical finds, but that hasn't been explored like, say, Palestine. Have there been any finds or discoveries in this country? -- Kelly Hernandez

I am not aware of any. The biblical-archaeological hotspot in Africa is Egypt. Christian archaeology reaches back only to the 300s, when a form of Christianity first came to Ethiopia. When it comes to O.T. archaeology, the most famous claim of course is that the Ark of the Covenant still exists, and is being safeguarded in the city of Axum. Yet the Ethiopian claim that it was removed during the time of Solomon is questionable. That is far more likely to have taken place when the Babylonians dismantled the Temple (2 Kings 25). At any rate, as long as the authorities forbid outsiders from viewing the ark, this exotic claim will never be substantiated.

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