I don't understand how and why God would have people slaughter defenseless animals for sacrifice, or why he would make us so we are carnivores and eat animals rather than making us vegetarians. It doesn't seem loving to God's creatures that they have become victims of our sins or our appetites. -- Kathy (Pasadena)

Your question is more and more common in our modern day, and deserves an answer. Here are my thoughts:

1. Since the world increasingly rejects the God of the Bible, it also claims the radical disjunction between homo sapiens and other animals is over-emphasized. This dehumanizes us humans, even as it personifies much of the animal kingdom.
2. This personification of animals, e.g. through cartoons and the media, has raised sentimentality levels everywhere.
3. Our society overprotects us from death. It is generally covered over, not only human death but also animal death.
4. Vegetarianism is a common feature of the New Age Movement and other Eastern religions and philosophies, which are increasingly influential in the west.
5. I think you may be projecting your ideas of human love onto the animal kingdom. If we should refrain from killing and eating cows (whether today or under the O.T. sacrificial system), why not refrain from "killing" carrots or corn? Where does one draw the line? Death is part of the order of things, and those unwilling to take part in killing will themselves die -- and die very soon.

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