I know that God is four-dimensional and we humans are three-dimensional. So as one of God's creatures, is Satan four-dimensional or three-dimensional? It would make sense to me that he would not be four-dimensional, because he is the ruler of this "present age" of "this dark world." So would it be safe to assume Satan is unable to see all perspectives simultaneously? -- Chelley Hernandez

I know exactly what you mean about our being three-dimensional creatures and God dwelling in four. Usually this view is based on the ending of Ephesians 3, or on Luke 20:38, and has much to commend it. And I agree that God moves in more dimensions than we do. I'm not so sure, however, that there are only four dimensions (length, width, depth, time). But this is a matter for modern physicists to hash out!

I think you are right about Satan being less powerful than God. He doesn't have the breadth of perspective, or the omniscience, that the Lord God has. So in a way, he may have access to fewer dimensions. Maybe he occupies only the three we occupy. The Bible says that after tempting Jesus, Satan left him until an "opportune time." It is possible--though not necessary--to interpret this to mean that Satan can tempt only one person at a time, at least directly. But then through his minions, his subordinates, perhaps he can reach us all at the same time. My, how we are speculating in this Q&A!

Short answer: Satan is not privy to the breadth of perspective to which God has access.

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