Hebrews 6:4 says falling away is permanent. I know a disciple who decided, after studying the Old Testament, that Jesus is not the Messiah, and is in the process of converting to Judaism. From what I see in this verse, she cannot be brought back, because that would be re-crucifying Jesus. Others have said that God is gracious, and she can be restored. Does this verse mean that anyone who is baptized, and then converts to a non-Christ-based religion (like Judaism) cannot be brought back? -- Todd Simpson (Orlando)

While I believe the passage is referring to just such a situation, I do not think it is for us to say whether such a person can be brought back or not. Falling away is not just leaving the church; it is not just changing churches or religions; there is something much deeper going on. Something the Lord evidently sees, even if we cannot. I would always hold out hope that someone who had lapsed would one day return. The point of no return (Proverbs 29:1) may be known only to God.

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