I have been asked to forward to you the following questions from a dating couple regarding an egg donation from the sister to her biological sister who is not a disciple. Your expert advice from an objective point of view would really help at this time.

While I respond, please understand that I am not an "expert," nor do I claim objectivity. I will be happy, however, to offer my fallible human opinion. (Her questions in italics; my responses in normal text.)

1. What would be the biblical position towards donating a human egg from one female to another?

I do not think there is any "biblical" position! It would be a little like putting up a child for adoption -- even though it is not yet a child (if unfertilized).

2. Are there significant implications if the donator is a Christian but the receiver is not?

Not as far as I understand.

3. Would it be right, according to the Bible, for this Christian sister to stick to a promise to donate her egg to her biological sister when her believing boyfriend is against it, especially considering that the promise was given before they started dating? They are not engaged yet. Which commitment should reign, assuming that the promise doesn't violate scripture?

I think she may break the promise (Proverbs 6:1-5!) if she feels she has no other choice, and having commited herself to a course that goes against the will of God.

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