I've read all of your answers concerning Islam, which have given me more insight and helped me to answer my sister-in-law a little better. Her questions to me are: "How can you be sure Jesus Christ is the way of life? How can you prove to me that He is the Son of God? How are you so sure of your belief in Jesus? I believe in God and Jesus (as a great prophet), but what makes Him so great?" I've gone over passages in the New Testament along with the book of Isaiah and she's still confused. I've read the Qur'an and other books on the Muslim religion and can understand her a little better. However, she was raised a Catholic and became Muslim because of my brother. Which scriptures or books will help me be better prepared to teach my sister-in-law that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven? -- M.

As for reading, have you read Answering Islam, by Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb? It is excellent. As for scripture, John 7:17 comes to mind. People have to be willing. They have to get to know Jesus on his terms. And they need to be exposed to the Word -- Romans 10:17. There is no other way to build faith; this can never be settled in a purely academic setting.

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