My friend has vivid dreams, almost every night. She is a mature woman, yet young in faith. She gives her dreams a lot of weight in her decision-making and understanding. She often attributes a positive correlation to her dreams, occurrences in her life and God's will and direction. I'm positive of God working coincidences in my own life, and cannot argue against her experiences, but I think things are getting out of hand... I'm really stuck on this one and don't know what to do. I tell her to move on as I only have friendship to offer, but she wonders why I have such little faith in God's will. Dreams are highly complex. How much emphasis can we give them in our daily lives and decision making? Any Christian reading recommendations? -- Tim

I think she's in the grip of superstition! Maybe she should read Garry Friesen's Decision Making and the Will of God. Anyway, the New Testament nowhere emphasizes interpretation of dreams. Yes, the Lord spoke to the apostles and Joseph, the father of Jesus, in dreams... but to make this normative for all Christians is reckless! I think it has more to do with astrology than faith.

I would firmly resist her suggestion that your faith is weak if you do not adopt her quasi-pagan worldview.

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