'Yo soy discipulo de la iglesia en Bogotá (Colombia) hace más de 10 años. El mes pasado un hermano se ahorcó en su casa, la iglesia hizo una reunión ... en la cual se dijo que el iba al cielo. La verdad: eso me tiene confundido ... la pregunta es que dice la Biblia acerca del suicidio? -- Juan David

Juan, I am sorry to hear about this. I am fortunate to have only known a few people who have taken their lives, so the following is not what I know but only what I believe.

My opinion is that it is wisest not to try to judge the person, or the situation. God is the judge. Taking one's life is not right. Murder is a sin, including murdering oneself. The Bible does not speak directly about suicide, although it does record several suicides within its pages (Judges 16:30, 1 Samuel 31:4, 2 Samuel 17:23, 1 Kings 16:18, 1 Chronicles 10:4, Matthew 27:5, Acts 1:18; also Matthew 4:5, Acts 16:27, Revelation 9:6).

I do not think we can say dogmatically whether this brother is saved or lost. Nor do I know what was said at the meeting, or why. But the fate of this person is not in our hands, but in the Lord's. In the absence of further biblical evidence, we should be careful in what we conclude.

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