Acts 22:28 states that Paul was a natural born Roman citizen, while Philippians 3:4-5 states he's a Hebrew. There are other passages in Scripture indicating his apparent dual citizenship. My view here is that he was a Roman citizen by virtue of his being born within Roman territory, while his heritage made him a Jew (something like being a person who was born in one country, but traces his roots in another). Am I correct? If so, please tell me where exactly he was born (if you could). -- Mark M.

You are right: Paul was a Roman citizen with Hebrew heritage. I would not call this "dual citizenship"; perhaps "dual culture" would be nearer the mark.  Paul was born a citizen--unlike most living within the Empire. Citizenship was a high honor.

As for his birthplace, the New Testament says exactly where he was born. (I will leave it to you to do the homework!)

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