I was wondering what your view was about life on other planets. -- Chris Gordillo

So far, there is no unequivocal evidence that there has ever been life any of the planets in our solar system--or on their many moons. Other planetary systems have been discovered in the past few decades, but again there is no solid proof that they are inhabited, even by creatures as small as bacteria. However, what if something did turn up? Here would be my response:

* Is this life "advanced"?
* If so, are they moral beings?
* If so, have they fallen? (I.e., do they need redemption?)
* If they have fallen, I am confident that the sacrifice of the one who is Lord of heaven and earth -- and who fills heaven and earth -- is more than enough to meet their need.
* As for claims of sightings and abductions, I am rather skeptical. Many centuries ago, folks believed in trolls, fairies, goblins, sprites, leprechauns, and all sorts of other mysterious creatures. Such claims these days have largely disappeared. They are no longer fashionable. But belief in ET (extraterrestrials) has taken over. It is part of the mythology of our age.

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