Does God approve of affirmative action? -- M.D.N.W.

I don't know what God's opinion is concerning "affirmative action" -- he hasn't told me! -- though I do know from his Word that he hates prejudice and racism, bitterness and complaining, laziness and arrogance, oppression and everything else the Bible specifically says is wrong. As with all political solutions to relational problems and imbalances, this strategy -- though it may serve a noble purpose in a certain context -- will never change the heart of man.

Jesus rejected politics as the means by which to change the world (for example, John 6:15). While some of my readers may put limited faith in politics, or even serve in public office -- and these things are not inherently wrong -- all should be advised that the biblical strategy for changing the world is conversion -- person by person, soul by soul. Human structures tend to degenerate; I am afraid there are no exceptions. Legislating morality -- even when you "know" you are right -- is always problematic.

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