What are your views on the use of Einstein's relativity equation in the way suggested at this website?  Does the evidence limit the age of the universe to just a few thousand years? -- Darren Lee (London)

Okay, I will offer my opinion. Not all will agree with it. (Nor do they need to in order for us to be brothers in Christ. Amen!) The first article, despite its elegance, seems to me to be special pleading. It reminds me of Gerald L. Schroeder's interpretation of Genesis 1 in The Science of God. (Though not nearly as persuasive!) Possible, but not convincing.

The second article, I am afraid, is a good example of pseudoscience. It is so flawed that I would not know where to begin! You may enjoy my book, Genesis, Science & History, which addresses these and related subjects in some detail. Also check out this website's tab Books... > Recommended > Science.

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