In 1994 you wrote an excellent paper on The Lord's Supper. You suggested that the Supper is an actual meal, and best observed by Christians only. Is there a reason for us not to put this into practice?... Would it be wrong or unwise, in any way, to start practicing it the way you describe? -- Levi Halvorsen (Copenhagen)

Although I stand by my conclusions in the 1994 paper, I do realize there are other ways to approach these issues. To me it is not so much a matter of right and wrong--whether we observe the supper in this way or that way--but a matter of the heart. Why are we observing the communion? Isn't the point to get our hearts right through remembering the Lord?

You also might want to take a look at Andy Fleming's book on the subject, if you have not already done so. It is In Remembrance of Me: Enriching Our Understanding of the Lord's Supper, DPI, 2002.

But as to whether it would be "wrong" to start practicing the Lord's Supper differently, no, I do not think it would. "Unwise"? That depends to some extent on your local situation. I am sure the Danish disciples would want to be involved in the discussion!

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