Can you recommend some good books to help me understand the Kingdom of God? Thanks.

Yes, let me recommend two. They are both by Jim McGuiggan, a preacher in Northern Ireland, colorful both as a speaker and as a writer.

1. The Reign of God (Fort Worth: Star Bible Publications, 1992), ISBN 0-940999-88-9.

2. The Kingdom of God and the Planet Earth (Lubbock: International Biblical Resources, 1978), ISBN 0932397-13-1.

Both McGuiggan titles provide a solid theology of the kingdom of God--which includes the church but is by no means limited to the church. The first is essential reading for anyone who thought that there was no "kingdom" before 30 AD, or that church and kingdom are identical.

A helpful paper at this website is James Greig's What is the Kingdom Biblically? To read it, click here.

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