Offhand can you recall any reference to angels in either testament being female? I recall angels having male names and being referred to as male. My big question: the Bible says God sends angels to encourage his children/Christians. We know God does not do random things or things without purpose. So why wouldn't God send a female angel to encourage someone instead of a male angel? (I look forward to any insights you may have, and understand that your answer may be your opinion or speculative.)

You are right, we are entering a possible realm of speculation when it comes to angels. It is important not to imply our view is the only right possibility when the facts are partial or we are forced to make assumptions before responding to probing questions. Well, biblically I do not see that angels have any gender at all! If this is right, they are not feminine, but then they are not masculine either. That would answer your question, wouldn't it?!

For more, see Billy Graham's Angels. This little book has a lot of good material for further study. (Now if I am wrong, and angels do have gender, I suppose a female angel would be more sensitive and encouraging than a male one. On the other hand, the Lord was a man on earth, and it is hard to imagine anyone more encouraging than Jesus. So the "gender issue" is probably irrelevant, as far as encouragement goes.)

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