[Edited for length and clarity] How do you square the practice of accountability in the areas of evangelism and financial giving with the words of Matthew 6:1-4 about not doing your acts of righteousness before men? Can't telling others what we've given or how many people we have invited lead to boasting and wrong motives? -- Doris

Matthew 6 concerns why we do what we do. Is it to be seen by others, or because, deep down in our hearts, we are acting out of sincere faith and love for Jesus Christ? Now I do think you are on to something. For many people, letting others know how much we are doing for the Lord--especially in a public setting--is a temptation to pride or people-pleasing. Though we do not throw out accountability, we need to tread lightly here. God loves a cheerful giver, and the Bible seems to be more concerned with the heart behind our actions than with the actions themselves.

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