I've done a study on Jesus return. Jesus' return is talked about in most of the New Testament books. From what I can tell the brothers and sisters of the first century were eagerly expecting it.  Are we sinning if we are not eager at heart for Jesus to return? Should we be praying daily about this? (I've wondered how Jesus might feel about coming back if we weren't asking for him.) -- Sean Martin (San José, California)

I think you are right. Many of the New Testament churches seem to have been living in the expectation of Jesus' imminent return. Yet there are a number of passages which imply the opposite. For example Ephesians 3 speaks of "all [future] generations," and the Pastoral Epistles discuss building for the long term.

So both seem to be valid perspectives: being ready at all times for the return of the Lord, and preparing for a long winter before the renewal of all things in the glorious blossoming of the new order.

Now should we pray daily for the Lord's return? My sense is that probably we should, though I find it hard to do this in light of the lostness of most of the world. Other disciples I have talked to about this do not have this struggle, but it is hard for me to pray for Jesus to come back now. (Later yes!) I realize that this is my subjective perspective.

To sum up we need to:
* Get ready
* Stay ready and
* Get others ready for the great and glorious coming of our Lord.

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