If Jesus is the Logos, then the Word of God came to earth in the flesh. The Bible is the inspired word of God and speaks his will to us when we read it. How then are they related? The Bible didn't die for my sins. Jesus isn't written down on paper for reference. The two are different entities, but both are called the "Word" of God. I keep finding myself equating the two, and am not sure if this is right. -- Bobby Pearson (Charlottesville)

Yes, the Word (logos) and the Word (Bible) are related, but they are not exactly the same, as you have figured out. Too many contradictions! So think about them as connected but separate. One connecting passage often missed is Proverbs 8, which talks about God's wisdom. 1 Corinthians 1 says Christ is our wisdom. And he was an agent in creation at the very beginning.

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