Were Adam and Eve the only humans God (personally directly) created? Cain went out a got a wife later he built a city etc. Where did these people come from? How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden? If Adam named all the animals was he around when there were dinosaurs? Several others also ask: What about the two creation accounts in Genesis? It is not that there are two accounts that bother me but the sequence of events seems to differ. In Genesis 2 it went from streams right to man unlike the first chapter's account/ although it does say that God had planted the garden (v.8) and that He had formed the animals (v.19). Is there anything you know that would clear this up more? -- Thomas

Genesis 1-11 is one of the Bible's main hotbeds of controversy, generating question after question. The other hot spot is Revelation! Interesting isn't it: the opening and the closing of the Bible, which touch on primeval and eternal time, speak to us in a different way to the rest of the Bible - everything in the middle. Nearly 1200 chapters in the Bible -- and I am amazed how many questions come from the first 11 chapters of Genesis. My own interest was sparked when I was 16 years old, and I have not stopped reading on the subject since then.

If you don't mind, this time I would like to refer you also to my book on Genesis, mentioned in the response to Q&A 0047. Every question you posed is dealt with there. I find these kinds of questions truly fascinating and I would encourage you to read as much as you need to so that your questions are answered. At the end of my book, I provide some bibliographical suggestions that will help even more. Sometimes when I travel I conduct presentations on Genesis. Worldwide audiences always ask lots of good questions. You can tell I usually prefer to point people to sources where they can find the answers rather than just giving them "the answer" myself. After all, we need to have our own convictions based on what we have studied and experienced, not on authority or someone else's opinion.

Whatever you (the reader) think about these things, be sure that these are not matters of salvation. I recall sharing my faith on the streets of London and meeting some very religious chaps whose entire church was based around the "correct" interpretation of Genesis. I followed them to an informal church service, and as soon as they realized I didn't necessarily agree with their view I was hauled over the coals. The entire church group dedicated the next two hours of its meeting to me. While I did not think they were saved because the Spirit of Christ and discipleship were lacking, they were adamant that I was not saved because I didn't subscribe to their view that the earth is only a few thousand years old! Since proper understanding of these issues is not essential to salvation, make sure that you keep a spirit of grace and openness to others who may see things differently. A word for the wise.

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