How can I help my Hindu friend see the way Christianity builds on top of the foundational truths that most religions share? [Condensation of longer question] -- Dave McKay (Bloomington, Illinois)

I would suggest you read C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity, which does a great job at identifying the common ground across the world religions. If you want a quicker read, see chapter 9 of my Compelling Evidence, available in the Book section of this website.

General revelation includes God's "speaking" to us through nature, history, conscience, culture—the things which all humans share in common. Special revelation, on the other hand, refers to God's message to us through the Bible, and through Jesus Christ. Not all humans have access to this.

Certain truths are well nigh universal (don't murder or commit adultery, respect your elders, laziness will get you in trouble), and require no special guidance from God. These truths also fall under "general revelation." Others, however, cannot be known apart from special revelation -- that which comes in the Judeo-Christian scriptures and through the life of Jesus Christ. The former have been shown to all men, regardless of their religion, which is why they are "without excuse" (see Romans 1:18ff). The latter cannot be known apart from the Bible, which is why sooner or later your friend will need to give his heart to a Bible study.

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