Greetings from Mexico. We really need your prayers for the safety of the innocent people and the church. We need to add those 8 killed today [13 Feb 2011] in the city of Neza (where we have hundreds of disciples) +  the 4 teenagers killed in Ciudad Juárez + 11 killed in Acapulco + 1 in Aguascalientes + 1 in Cuautla + 20 in Durango + 6 killed in Guadalajara (and 37 wounded in the same attack with hand-grenades and assault rifles, just 2 blocks from where the church gathers) = 51 killed between yesterday and today (and that's the "official" information, there are more, that the news doesn't say).

While I was in LA last week, there was a shootout between drug cartel killers and local police forces, 10 minutes from where I live, in an area my wife and I often go through, as do many other disciples (this area is in our church region). With 4 people killed and hostages taken, many people are scaredin my city today.

It's happening in all the country. And every time it gets closer to out sister churches in Mexico. Thanks so much for your prayers, we need them. -- A.E.