Appalling Numbers

Of the six and one-half billion people living on the earth, 1.2 billion live on an average of 23 cents a day and 2 billion have no electricity.  Every 16 seconds someone dies of hunger.  Last year 105 billion dollars was spent on alcohol and 11 billion on ice cream in Europe alone, and 17 billion was spent in the USA and Europe on pet food. 

Atheists attack God on the basis that God should not allow pain and suffering in the world, and yet the tools to eliminate hunger and suffering are available to mankind.  The selfishness that permeates those on the planet who have a surplus of resources prevents it from happening.  Human politics and a "survival of the fittest" mentality is the cause of poverty and need on the planet--not God.  We have been given the resources to meet the needs that exist. 

It is interesting that yesterday we got 26 soliciting letters from Christian organizations all addressing poverty and illness on the planet, and not one atheist solicitation--even though we are on many atheist mailing lists.  Source of data:  World Challenge Inc. at

Used with permission from John Clayton, Does God Exist? Jan-Feb 2008