Report by Anthony and Karlyn Battle - Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Last Friday night, in Port Au Prince, Haiti, church leaders Reggie and Martine Lambert were ambushed at their front door as they returned home from an evening out with their friends and partners in the gospel Max and Kareen LaPlanche.

During the struggle, Reggie was shot in the neck and Martine was taken captive. Max broke his leg when he seized the opportunity to go for help. But, as our incredible God would have it, the bullet that was meant to harm Reggie passed through his neck without causing damage to his vocal cords, spinal cord, or any major arteries. Amid the confusion, Martine's captors argued with each other, demanding to know if she or Reggie had any weapons. When Martine replied "no," they returned her keys and wallet, telling her to go home!

Both families are eternally grateful for all the love and prayers they have been receiving from the U.S. churches, Haitian brothers and sisters, and local friends and coworkers. "God is truly awesome and amazing!" said Martine. Let us keep the churches in Haiti, the Lamberts and the La Planches in our prayers. Please pray for Reggie and Max to recover from their injuries, and their families to draw strength from God during this time of testing. To God be the glory for His mighty saving power!