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Hebrew words:

  • Yo'av (Joab) -- Yahweh is father, 140x in the O.T.
  • Avi-Shalom (Absalom) -- My father is peace, 109x in O.T.
  • Adhoni-Yahu (Adonijah) -- Yahweh is my lord, 24x in O.T. (There are also 2 other Adonijahs)

Further study:

  • Passages covered in this podcast
    • 2 Samuel 12:10-11
    • Joab: 2 Samuel 3:21,27-29, 8:15-16; 1 Chronicles 11:6; 2 Samuel 11:14ff; 19:5-7, 20:8-10; 24:3-4 (Exodus 30:12-15); 1 Kings 1:7, 2:32.
    • Absalom: 2 Samuel 13:28-29, 14:24-27, 15:1-7, 18:33 (19:1 in the Hebrew O.T.)
    • Adonijah: 1 Kings 1:5-10,39-41,49-53, 2:13-17,22-23
  • ISBE articles, e.g. the one on Joab, may be found here. This Encyclopedia has a lot more information, and it's all free.

Some things we learn about God:

  • Since God has placed us in a moral world, our sin has ripple effects through large numbers of those with whom we are connected.

  • God’s choice of leader is often the one we would least expect. David (youngest of his brothers); Solomon (not Adonijah); and many other examples. Consider how often God gives his blessing not to the firstborn, but to a younger brother.

For kids:

  • Explain who’s who in the family of David, especially his sons Absalom, Solomon, and Adonijah.
  • Explain that although the Lord had chosen Solomon to become king, not everyone liked this. Then read 2 Samuel 15:10-13, where Absalom positions himself for the throne. Last, read 1 Kings 1:5ff, where Adonijah proclaims himself king.
  • Ask which plan was God’s will. How do you think David felt each time? How were his other sons (the brothers) feeling?
  • What happened in the end? What happens when we ignore the will of God in our lives?

Key verses:

  • Joab: 2 Samuel 2- 1 Kings 2
  • Absalom: 2 Samuel 13-18
  • Adonijah: 1 Kings 1-2
  • 2 Samuel 12:10 – sword not to depart from David’s household

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