This is a list (possibly incomplete) of sources cited in the O.T. books. The list omits references to actual O.T. books. These works are "extrabiblical" -- outside (extra, Latin) the Bible.

Book of Wars of the Lord—Num 21:14
The Poets—Num 21:27
The Book of Jashar—Josh 10:13; 2 Sam 1:18
Book of Annals of Kings of Media & Persia—Esth 10:2
Book of Annals of Solomon—1 Kings 11:41
Book of Annals of Kings of Israel—1 Kings 14:19
Book of Annals of Kings of Judah—1 Kings 14:29
The Records of Gad the Seer —1 Chron 29:29
Visions of Iddo the Seer —2 Chron 9:29
Prophecy of Ahijah the Shilonite—2 Chron 9:29
Annotations of the Prophet Iddo—2 Chron 13:22
Book of Kings of Judah and Israel—2 Chron 16:11
Annals of Jehu son of Hanani—2 Chron 20:34
Letter of Elijah to Jehoram—2 Chron 21:12+
Annotations of the Book of the Kings—2 Chron 24:27
Vision of the Prophet Isaiah—2 Chron 32:32
Laments of Jeremiah for Josiah—2 Chron 35:25
Genealogical records—Ezra 2; Neh 7
Sayings of the Wise—Prov 22:17+
Sayings of Agur—Prov 30
Sayings of King Lemuel—Prov 31:1-9


1. Some of these sources may be identical to other sources, although with a different name.
2. This is probably not a complete list. Please send further sources you may locate.
3. This study makes it clear that the Bible frequently quotes sources, without necessarily making those sources "inspired."
4. As far as we know, these works have not survived.

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